Sunday, November 30, 2014

Don't coast to the end of the semester, speed up... (81)

With things like Google Hangout, Facetime and Skype, learning and instruction shouldn't be limited to a learner's "zip code."

Check out this note LEGO sent to parents back in the 1970's... LEGO just might have been onto something.

Contemplate this... is our goal to help students have success IN school or life AFTER school? Those should coincide, right? Do they?

Check out all the versions that existed before the most recent version of Google Glass... this is why we should always try to be in a state of BETA.

Try a little "Moonshot thinking" in your class. Moonshot thinking is choosing to be bothered by the impossible... and thinking differently to make the impossible possible.

How does school compare to everyday life?

Here's a simple question and way to engage students in problem-based learning; "What bugs you?"

But, keep one critical point in mind when doing problem-based learning... if the kids don't care about the problem, then we won't get the desired effect.

This is a letter a student wrote to their teacher after some changes were made in regard to playing the 'game' of school:

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