Sunday, September 29, 2013

DOK is more than just a verb... (37)

Here is your lifelong learner hit list for the week:
5). How to trust your students

BONUS: (each building was emailed by Mr. Jones in the technology department about the wonderful opportunities available via this platform). Take time to get signed up and check it out!

Depth of knowledge level is NOT determined by the verb, but by the context in which the verb is used & the depth of thinking required.

DOK is not about difficulty... it's about complexity.
It's very difficult to list the names of every U.S. president... but that is level 1 DOK simple recall.
It's very complex to describe the relationship between Abraham Lincoln's presidency and President Obama's presidency as it relates to the societal trends happening during their presidencies... that is a level 3 DOK. 

Same verb but 3 different DOK levels
DOK 1: Describe three characteristics of metamorphic rocks (simple recall)
DOK 2: Describe the differences in metamorphic and igneous rocks (requires cognitive processing to determine the differences in the two rocks)
DOK 3: Describe a model that you might use to represent the relationships that exist within the rock cycle (requires deep understanding of the rock cycle and a determination of how to best represent it)

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