Monday, April 21, 2014

A few cool things happing around Union R-XI lately... (61)

Mrs. Brueggemann's MS students did a Google Hangout with Mrs. Bruns' 2nd grade students at Central Elementary. Mrs. Brueggemann's students read a book to the 2nd grade students and they had a great time sharing the story.

Mr. Shelton's HS science students created and designed a 'device' using only select materials to keep an egg from breaking upon contact. The purpose was similar to the Apollo 13 movie of only having certain materials to make something work. Trial and error and critical thinking were all involved to make this project a success.

Mrs. Bruns' 2nd grade students at CE created a replica of Union and students assumed different roles to help manage and keep the city operating properly. The students decided to call their replica city 'Little Union.'

In Coach Scheer's physical education class at BE, students are learning the basics of golf. In this particular picture, students were aiming at one of their classmates because the classmate became the golf target!

Mrs. Jobe's 4th grade students at CV are raising baby chicks and learning about the life cycle process of these cute little babies.

HS students participated in a 'writer's workshop' with author Mike Mullin. This workshop helped students learn about the writing process and what steps students would need to take if they were interested in writing a book.

At the career and hobby day at BE, students were learning the ins and outs of yoga. This included the physical benefits, as well as the mental and health benefits of being active with yoga.

MS students in Mrs. Sullivan's class created their own games and then students played the games they created. The purpose and design of the games was a result of learning about constructed response and the process involved in assessing individual pieces of work.

Students at CV are committing themselves to thinking before they speak. This is part of the building-wide initiative to stop bullying and create a more welcoming and positive environment for both students and staff.

HS students were able to participate in a Speaker Series to learn more about possible careers and life choices. One of the speakers was Special Agent Alan Leah from ATF with his two year old explosives detection partner, Andi.

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  1. Wow thanks for including the Google hangouts on this. I'm stalking (think that's right) and stumbled into thsi.