Friday, January 31, 2014

5 keys to success in education... (51)

Being asked before being judged is something we all want and expect in life... great educators will seek clarification before assuming one thing or another when it comes to the actions of others.

Accepting and acknowledging that failure and success go hand-in-hand... great educators know failure is not a long term solution, however they recognize that in the short term, failure is what makes success a long term possibility.

Finding that source of inspiration and motivation can happen when we least expect it... great educators don't just capitalize on unlikely sources of inspiration, they help to foster and create the conditions necessary for others to come across sources of inspiration and motivation.

A person helped off the ground is a person who does the same for someone else... great educators understand that 'life' happens, and when life happens it's not always pleasant, and sometimes the best cure is a dose of empathy and a helping hand.

Using the saw dulls the blade... great educators take pride and full ownership of their learning and their growth and maintain the same expectations for those around them as well.

What kind of 'DIRT' are you using in your classroom? 

What's best for students may not be what's most comfortable or most convenient for adults... via @unfoldthesoul - Ken Williams

Consider this question... if coming to your class or coming to your school was optional, would students still show up?

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