Sunday, August 25, 2013

A new beginning... (32)
A new year is upon us. A new group of kids are in front of us. A new set of challenges will surely arise. A new set of opportunities will join those challenges.

There is something rejuvenating about new and there is something pure about starting fresh.

We all start the new year with a blank canvas. A canvas with endless opportunity and possibility. This canvas also happens to be waiting for our best masterpiece yet...

Make no mistake, this canvas won't complete itself. Likewise, this new opportunity won't fulfill its own dreams. The seeds of possibility won't sow themselves...

New Beginnings

by Gertrude B. McClain

It's only the beginning now
...a pathway yet unknown
At times the sound of other steps
...sometimes we walk alone

The best beginnings of our lives
May sometimes end in sorrow
But even on our darkest days
The sun will shine tomorrow.

So we must do our very best
Whatever life may bring
And look beyond the winter chill
To smell the breath of spring.

Into each life will always come
A time to start anew
A new beginning for each heart
As fresh as morning dew.

Although the cares of life are great
And hands are bowed so low
The storms of life will leave behind
The wonder of a rainbow.

The years will never take away
Our chance to start anew
It's only the beginning now
So dreams can still come true.
Remember, it's the small things we do now that lead up to the big things later in life. The quality of the seeds we sow now might not be apparent for years to come, but when these seeds fully develop and we reap what we've sown, the results will be hard to miss... 

Have a great 2013/2014 school year Union R-XI!

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