Monday, February 18, 2013

The Monday morning memo ~ 22

The knowing vs. doing gap...

We all know we should probably eat healthier and exercise more often, but what we know and what we do are sometimes two different things...

The same thing goes for our students. 
Our students know a lot, however can they do something to demonstrate & validate their "knowing...?"

Think about the types of activities your students are completing. Are they simply regurgitating information in isolated chunks, or are they applying information on a larger scale as part of a more complex process with essential skills embedded?

The value of content is descending... while the value of filtering, finding & sharing content is ascending. It's not what kids "know" that's important, it's how they can apply, demonstrate, explain and transfer the "known" that's important...

Watch this 6 minute video about the value of information:

Tip of the week: Poll Everywhere (

Looking for a quick way to get formative feedback from your students? Looking for a great way to start class with a warm up question/activity? Looking for a way to engage the students who don't always feel comfortable talking in front of their peers? Looking for a way to integrate technology into your classroom? 
Poll Everywhere is for you!

Create a poll for free, and then have your students "text" their answers. The responses the kids text in can be just on your computer, or they can be displayed on your SmartBoard for the entire class to see. All answers are anonymous, and kids who don't have their own device can pair up with a partner to ensure all are involved.

Just an FYI... because we know how snow days can disrupt the learning process for students, and more importantly, teachers miss seeing their students so much during those snow days, the district is taking a few steps to ensure we don't miss any more days due to snow.

(a poor attempt at making a joke...)

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