Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Monday morning memo ~ 11

We are all well aware that the Core Academic Standards are going to require our kids to do more at a younger age. Our students will be asked to approach learning and classroom instruction in a way that is different than what they are accustom to. Likewise, we will need to approach student learning and our teaching in a slightly different way as well.

As part of the many discussions we have been having with staff throughout the district, we have had numerous requests about assessments and the ways they are going to change. Consequently, we wanted to provide some sample and example questions that might help in tweaking and refining our current assessments. This will help to ensure that our assessments are more closely aligned to the CAS and to the higher levels of rigor with which our our students will be faced. 

(Be sure to click on "view more" at the top to find your grade and topic)

Sample math problem for 3rd grade:

Sample math problem for 4th grade:

Sample math problem for 5th grade:

**Check out Shaunteaches YouTube channel for more practice math problems. Simply search his channel to find what you need.

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