Monday, August 6, 2012

Common Core resources:

Link to the Core Standards website (take time to read the appendices)

Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium website (Overview of SBAC)

SBAC sample items (ELA & Math) 3 - High School

Smarter Balance Assessments (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Common Core and 21st century standards LiveBinder


Beginning the math transition

Practice tests for math, reading & language arts for grades 1 - 8

Math practice problems for Pre-K - High School

Math practice problems for K - High School

Math practice problems for K - Algebra 1

All kinds of practice math problems at all levels

English Language Arts:

Beginning English Transition for CAS

Jordan School District - ELA & Math resources

Sample reading questions for grades 2 - 10

Practice tests for reading, language arts & math for grades 1 - 8

Tasks, units & student work for ELA, Math, History & Science for K - 12

Nice and detailed read about the ELA standards and the shift

**Remember that the ELA standards will require an increase in informational texts across ALL curricula... the weight of increasing the rigor & frequency of informational texts must be spread across all content areas, not just ELA.


  1. Please find a host of resources at ! All free and gathered from state agencies and non-profits.

  2. I am trying to create a similar blog for my do you add a blank page to be able to add items specific to a topic to the main page (curriculum)?
    You have lots of good links on this blog!